Low-Carb Treats: Staying on Plan and Being Realistic

Some people ask me if there are low-carb treats that are on plan for times where we just really need something sweet or salty/crunchy. Going low-carb is a huge adjustment for a lot of people, and times when life throws you punches (and lemons and Mercury is in Retrograde and it’s that time of the month and and and …) it’s helpful to know what products are out there so that we can indulge and stay within 20 carbs (or whatever your daily allowance is).

I generally do not do processed food … not very often anyhow. But guess what? I am HUMAN. And sometimes there are days where having chocolate is just easier than potential jail time. Pick your battle.

Parsnip Chips!  My favourite!
Parsnip Chips! My favourite!

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My Weight Loss Journey: How I Did It Without Ever Stepping Inside A Gym

I wasn’t going to share the story of my weight loss journey quite yet, but I surprised myself by fitting into my goal dress with 10 more pounds still to go!

Goal dress achievement unlocked!
Goal dress achievement unlocked!

I’ve been pretty quiet about my weight loss journey on social media and in real life. However, the last month or so it’s been hard to keep quiet for a few reasons. One, people who have known me for a few years NOTICED there is a lot less of me and would ask me questions. Two, I’m pretty darn happy with how I look now, so I am happy to talk about it. Three, once I compared an old picture to a very recent picture the comparison BLEW ME AWAY, so again I am happy to talk about it.
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Recipe: Low-Carb Crackpot Chicken

crack chicken instagram


My version of crack chicken (or crackpot chicken) is modified to add colour and a bit of interest to an already amazing and rich main entree.  Basically if you took a creamy chicken breast and some veggies on the side and then mixed it all up in a bowl so it looked like a mash of stuff and then added bacon crumbles on top, that would be it.
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New Boots: Dublin River Plaid Boots

I had a chance to attend The Mane Event Chilliwack in Chilliwack, BC, today with a fellow equestrian friend of mine and spotted none other than the very pair of plaid boots from Dublin that I’ve been lusting after online for the last month or so.  They JUST came to Canada and Abby Saddle Shop was selling them at their booth at The Mane Event.  Wouldn’t you know it?  THEY HAD MY SIZE.  It was like the stars aligned and wanted me to have THESE VERY BOOTS because they didn’t have them in black in my size, the only black pair they had in my size was a different model that were too tall for me, and since I already have my Ariat Lakeland H2O Boots boots in a brown/teak colour, the decision was made.  Oh, and they were 20% off, so that REALLY cinched it for me.
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My New Fall Boots: Ariat Lakeland H2O

Ah, fall!  My favourite season for so many reason, not the least of which is the fact that I am not sweating constantly!  What can I say, I get cranky when I’m overheated lol.  And while I love sunny weather, I don’t like the accompanying heat.  It must be why I endured living in Alberta for so long 🙂

Back to the subject at hand, I have been wanting to splurge on a pair of good knee boots for fall, but as a stout (and short) girl the bane of my existence is the fact that my calves prevent me from being able to own MOST knee boots.  So the search was on for a pair that would fit my wide calves, short stature, AND look stylish.  Enter Ariat.  I already owned four pairs of their equestrian boots, and I knew I loved the fit for my feet and knew my size and knew they wore well, so it made sense for me to look to them for fashion.  I decided on the Ariat Lakeland H20, which meant they are waterproof and even approved for riding.  They even have spur rests on the back.  Many reviews online have said they are great for riding and doing chores (which will NOT be happening lol, but, hey, good to know), so it seems most people are happy with the quality.

It only took about three wears before the calves stretched to fit snugly but not uncomfortably tight.  The first time was challenging, I will say, but I knew that since they are leather they would stretch to fit.  So now I still use boot pulls out of habit to put them on, but  likely in a few more wears I will not need to.    For those with regular or slim calves, wearing these with skinny jeans would look fantastic. I am not there yet, but we shall see.  I am content wearing these with tights and dresses, one of my favourite looks.


Ariat Lakeland Boots 2 wm

Ariat Lakeland Boots 1 wm


Ariat Lakeland 1 wm      Ariat Lakeland 2 wm

Ariat Lakeland Boots Back View wm   Ariat Lakeland Birds Eye wm

Ariat Lakeland Details wm        Ariat Lakeland Inside wm


Ariat Lakeland Sole wmI love the detailing.  Suede panels in the middle, cream stitching, leather straps on the outside, plaid lining and boot pull loops on the inside.  Practical construction with Goretex makes this waterproof boot Vancouver-friendly and warm for the tootsies.  Good grips on the bottom will help when we do get our few days of frost and snow this coming January.

And while these are too beautiful to do chores in, it’s good to know they can stand up to some abuse and just be hosed off afterwards without ruining them.

I bought these on Amazon at a great price of $150 USD and Prime shipping within the US (I use a parcel receiving service across the border).  I noticed the price goes up and down, so it’s a good idea to monitor it.  This pair is the teak colour, but the boots also come in Ebony as well.

What is your favourite way to wear boots?