Recipe: Low-Carb Crackpot Chicken

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My version of crack chicken (or crackpot chicken) is modified to add colour and a bit of interest to an already amazing and rich main entree.  Basically if you took a creamy chicken breast and some veggies on the side and then mixed it all up in a bowl so it looked like a mash of stuff and then added bacon crumbles on top, that would be it.



-Six (frozen or fresh) chicken breasts

-One 340g package of regular cream cheese (not the brick, the bigger package)

-One 340g package of garlic herb cream cheese


Place chicken in Crockpot.  Cover with the cream cheese kinda evenly.  Set on high for six hours.  Once done and warming, take two forks and pull everything apart and mix it up, kinda like pulled pork (I think.  I’ve never actually done pulled pork, so I am making an assumption here).


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Note: Most recipes add ranch powder to this at the beginning.  I didn’t.  Do whatever your little heart desires.

Note:  Most recipes add crumbled bacon on top.  Genius.

It’s done!  You can use it to fill sammiches or as a dip for bread, crackers, veggies, etc.


Or ARE we done?  I’m not.  I added stuff.


-One roma tomato

-Half an avocado.

-Slices of cucumber (however much you want)


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Dice tomato and avocado.  Mix with two to three cups(ish) of pre-made crack chicken.  Top with bacon crumbles.  Serve hot with cucumber slices or celery or low-carb bread/crackers.   This is more like two or three servings for me.

You could also put a serving (or five) in a baking dish and top with cheese and bake in the oven, topped with more bacon crumbles as a day-after change-up.  OMG I AM TOTALLY DOING THAT TOMORROW.  I AM A GENIUS.

Total and per-serving carb count will depend on your add-ons and the brand of cream cheeses you used.  Add totals and divide accordingly.

My recipe:

Philadelphia Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese (full tub) – 12 carbs

Philadelphia Cream Cheese regular (full tub) – 22 carbs

Six chicken breasts – 0 carbs

So my base recipe is 34 carbs for the full pot.  5 carbs for 1/6 of the pot, which is one chicken breast.  Then you add 0 carbs for bacon (I use Maple Leaf regular), and 3 carbs for half the roma tomato I ate and 1 net carb for the 1/4 avocado I ate, plus the 2 carbs for the cucumber slices.  My total for dinner is 11 carbs, and my daily allowance is 20, so I have plenty of leeway there.  Hopefully that helps you with your calculations.

What kind of additions will you be adding to your crack?

Cheers and good eats!




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