Product Review: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max

Yesterday’s post I reviewed one of my favourite barrier creams for fall skincare.  Today I will show you my other favourite,Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream, for combination skin.  This is also a gel cream texture and super hydrating but also is a last-step cream that you can use to lock down your layers of serums and essences.  It absorbs fast and dried to a matte finish.  It is thicker texture than the Boscia Sake Balm and holds its shape in the jar when disturbed, unlike Sake Balm.


This is a Korean beauty staple that contains marine extracts and is extremely affordable.  This aquamarine-coloured creme is lightly fragranced with a “marine” or “ocean” aroma and is also available in blue for oily skin (Fresh Watery Cream) and pink for dry skin (Moisture Watery Cream).



Nature Republic Super Aqua Max 1 WM


The lid is cutely shaped into a whipped topping


Nature Republic Super Aqua Max 2 WM



Nature Republic Super Aqua Max 3 WM


Nature Republic Super Aqua Max 4 WM




Nature Republic 5 wm


Nature Republic Super Aqua Max 6 WM

Dries to a nice matte finish.

Nature Republic Super Aqua MAx 7 wm



This cream is $13 USD and is available on Amazonwith Prime shipping.





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